l o v e l y w o r d s

‘I feel I benefited enormously from the course and enjoyed the experience.
I can never thank you enough – you truly are the best teacher Em.
So knowledgable, inspiring, firm but fair to get the best out of me. Eternally grateful for really transforming my life, you gave me the toolkit and in your lessons I keep on seeing deeper truths.
Thank you again Em for making me truly realise what it is I am here to do. 🙏I’ll always be grateful to you’
-Teacher Training Graduate June 2018

‘I really enjoyed the course. I never thought I would actually teach. The way you have designed it so that students are gradually led into teaching is excellent. Thank you so much x’
-Teacher Training Graduate June 2018

‘I am very pleased overall with the entire experience. Thank you.’

– Teacher Training Graduate June 2018

Such a learning experience, thoroughly enjoyed the course, even though it was a lot tougher than I had anticipated. So glad I decided to do it.
-Teacher Training Graduate June 2018

Thank you Emily and all of the people involved with this course.
I looked at several possible courses including online.There is absolutely no way that I would have got as much personal development as I did if I had pursued an online one.
I remember being so nervous for the residential but for me this was the making- to be out of ‘normal’ life was so necessary, especially as life generally is a little crazy, Wales enabled me for the first time in years to ‘reconnect’ and question life again.
Emily, you will never know the life changing impact you have had on so many people and the doors you have opened.
I am not sure exactly where my yoga journey will take me next but I sort of don’t mind at the moment, I know that I am more of an enriched person for completing this course.
Once again and good luck with your next chapter…..now that one is life changing!!!! xx 
– Teacher Training Graduate April 2018

One thought on “l o v e l y w o r d s

  1. I am currently (2017) attending Emily’s teacher training course – Snowdonia and Preston. Emily is not only an amazing teacher but an amazing, kind and generous person! Nothing is too much trouble and the support received during the course has been second to none. The course is well structured, diverse and most importantly fun! Emily has added exciting elements which I will not mention here – I don’t want to spoil the surprise! If you have wondered about yoga teacher training but keep having doubts about whether you will be good enough, this is the course for you! Emily takes the time to settle all students in and support them regardless of their abilities – it really is no judgement! I cannot recommend Emily’s yoga teacher training course enough – take the plunge and enjoy!


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