Intro to Yoga

50 Hour Introduction to Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

12- 15th August, 2019. The Old Chapel, Ellenborough Park, GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

An intensive discovery of the traditions of yoga as set out by Patanjalis 8
Limbs of Yoga,

This is perfect for those interested in deepening their understanding of yoga without having to do the full 200 hours, or use as a refresher for teachers. 

The Program:
 Begin your day with an early morning meditation and pranayama overlooking Ellenboroughs 90 acres of rustic countryside followed by Ashtanga Vinyasa practice. Rest and relax over a long brunch, followed by Yoga Philosophy and Ethics class and discussion. Fun filled afternoon workshops allow for an analysis of the mornings practice and a chance to explore possibilities. The day closes with a Yoga Nidra Practice to help promote a restful sleep. Tutors: Emily Yong (Asana, Philosophy, Embodied Anatomy and Physiology) is joined by Julai Frearson (Asana, Clinic) and Gabrielle Burnel (Chanting, Sanskrit & Philosophy).

Accommodation is not provided. But were happy to help you find somewhere.

The Costs:
4 days £350 (Includes yoga tuition, yoga resources, brunch)
2 days £200 Bhagavad Gita and Sanscrit Intensive with Gabriella (12.00-18.00pm)
Morning Practice only £15 (7.30 – 10.30)
(Only bookable from July 12 onwards)
Draft program ( its always draft, so we can flow with your learning.)

Email info@emilyyoungyoga to enquire.

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