North West Teacher CEP sessions.

Our mission is to support and grow inclusive teachers of yoga to meet the needs of our community in all settings. In an overwhelming market of teacher education programs,   (often uncertified or quality assured) and with 15 years of teacher education behind us, we feel confident we select the content and the providers who offer a truly professional training.  We are sharing workshops at no cost where we can. At times we will charge to secure some fantastic international tutors coming to the North West. Do give us feedback on the provision and let us know of any requests.

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Places are limited, but if we are oversubscribed in venues we may move to a large venue near by – so keep an eye on your emails.

February 2018

Saturday 24th, 2-4pm. MY UNIQUE BONES. Absolute Yoga, Crosby.  Empowering acceptance on our bodies through teaching the skeletal system on the mat. (Emily Young) (Booking at the bottom of this page)

Sunday 25th, 8.30 – 11 am. MYTHOLOGY AND YOGA. Absolute Yoga, CrosbyFrom the monkey to the warrior, learn the myths behind the asana names to infuse your practice with history. (Emily Young).(Booking at the bottom of this page)

March 2018

Saturday 24th, 2.15 – 5.30pm. INTRODUCTION TO YIN YOGA. Absolute Yoga, Crosby. Understand the anatomy and physiology of Yin postures, their benefits and how to teach/cue effectively. ( Rose Shaw) (Booking at the bottom of this page)

Sunday 25th, 10.30 – 1.30. BREATH CENTRED YOGA.Absolute Yoga, Crosby Introduction to the Physiology of breathing, the power of the Autonomic Nervous System (Fight, Flight, Respond) and how to integrate the into pranayama, asana practice and life off the mat. (Emily Young)(Booking at the bottom of this page)

April 2018

Saturday 28th 9.30 – 5.30. CREATIVE SEQUENCINGAbsolute Yoga, CrosbyDiscover the key elements to transform sequencing from the mundane to the exceptional. (Celeste Pereira). (Booking at the bottom of this page)

Sunday 29th. 8.30 – 11.30. BEAUTIFUL BACKBENDS.Absolute Yoga, Crosby Learn practical, applicable anatomy that can transform your approach to backbends. (Celeste Pereira). (Booking at the bottom of this page)

May 2018

Sunday 27th, 8.30 – 4. SAFE ALIGNMENT AND ADJUSTMENTS. Absolute Yoga, Crosby. An introduction to cueing  appropriate alignment and adjustments for our most commonly used postures in a open class setting. ( Jess Lambert). (Booking at the bottom of this page)

September 2018 onwards



February 2018

Sunday 25th February, TRAUMA SENSITIVE YOGA. £35. Yoga Euphoria, Southport. This workshop is for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of phycological trauma, how it effects the body and how yoga can be used as a potent method of healing from trauma.( Adrienne LeCoure). Booking: Yoga Euphoria


June 2018


 Yoga Detour Weekend Intensive. Liverpool city centre venue. £150 full weekend, £75 p/day.

Check out to find out why WE LOVE THIS PHILOSOPHY – we hope to update program details soon. 

Yoga Detour is known for seamlessly blending the science of physiology and biomechanics with traditional postures. As the Director of this teacher training method, Cecily specializes in bridging the gap between functional movement and yoga asana.
These workshops are suitable for all levels  from beginner to teachers and can be of particular interest to those working with functional movement in sport and exercise settings.  (Cecily Milne, founder Yoga Detour). =(register at the bottom of this page for more information)

Saturday 9th 1-5pm

Rediscover the foundation of movement starting from the ground up! This workshop will bring new awareness to the feet, ankles, knees and hips through various means of joint preparation and mobilisation. We’ll wake up the hamstrings and glutes to transform standing postures and examine the relationship between pelvis and spine to keep the lower back pain-free. Expect to walk away with a sense of support from your legs that is altogether grounding and liberating. As a strength and mobility specialist, Cecily helps her students rediscover their potential for strong, balanced movement both on and off the mat.


Sunday 10th 1-5pm

Learn how to move with strength, awareness and precision in this in-depth exploration of upper body strength and stability. Zeroing in on the wrists, shoulders and thoracic spine from there we’ll delve into scapular stability in order to bring more integrity into sun salutations, arm balances, backbends and inversions. Students will leave with a renewed appreciation for what their bodies are capable of and with tools and confidence to pursue new movement goals like push-ups and handstands.

September 2018

Friday 14th – Sunday 16th. YOGA FOR SCHOOLS. £600. Samlesbury Primary School, Preston. A blended learning certified course for school teachers (must have QTS). Topics include: The Yoga Octopus: The 8 Tentacles of Yoga/ The Brain Game: Behavioural Sciences/ Yoga poses/ Partner Yoga/ Yoga games/ Breathing techniques/ Relaxation & Meditation techniques/ Mindfulness games & activities/ The Language of Kids Yoga/ Staff Breathing Project. (Emily Young/Mel De Meester) Booking: (or register at the bottom of this page former information )


Saturday 22nd HIP STABILITY PROTOCOL Inner Power Pilates. £125. St Annes. HIP STABILITY is far more complicated than you think. It involves a client specific assessment, understanding of habitual eccentric vs. concentric factors and therefore this means, throwing out generic programs. Get rid of the same old same old and start delving into the COMPLEX WORLD OF TRUE STABILITY. Answer those confusing questions that have resulted in hips achieving mediocre stability. And finally feel your Gluteus Medius and Maximus work like never before! (Tanya Thompson)  BOOK HERE 

Sunday 23rd SHOULDER STABILITY PROTOCOL. Inner Power Pilates. £125. St Annes. SEE, FEEL & understand SHOULDER STABILITY like never before. Our shoulder course focuses on the missing links between pure, safe shoulder stability and what we believe to be good stability. We know what all the theory books say, but how do we actually perform perfect stability? This course is also going to teach you new innovative ways to rehabilitate a shoulders post-op. The results that we have obtained through this specific post-op program is astounding. (Tanya Thompson)  BOOK HERE 

MORE About These Courses

October 2018

TBC. Special Educational Needs Yoga 

November 2018

TBC. Children’s Yoga. Provided by YogaKids Worldwide

TBC Toddlers Yoga. Provided by Yoga Kids Worldwide.


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